What is ZuluTrade? 

ZuluTrade is the biggest broker independent social trading network, which means that the platform supports a number of different Forex brokerages. I believe there are around 65 different brokerages that offer ZuluTrade support meaning that your spoilt for choice when picking a brokerage to use with the platform. On the platform you will find a wide range of different signal providers, after having found a single provider you like you can follow them. Following a signal provider means that you will copy the positions opened by the trader(s) you follow, thus automating your trading. Of course you can set your own trading size and risk profile which will on occasion lead to your account not copying one of the traders you follow. The idea is to follow successful traders and hopefully make significant profits, though of course significant risk is still involved.

How does it work?

Being broker independent you might ask ‘What’s in it for ZuluTrade?’. Well the answer is that brokerages that partner with ZuluTrade share revenue with the ZuluTrade network meaning that ZuluTrade gets a cut and remains broker independent. However, they do have their own brokerage AAAFx which is a good option for those wishing to use the platform. The other question you might ask ‘Is why would successful traders share their trades with other traders? Well the commission that ZuluTrade receives from the partnered brokerages is then shared with the signal providers, meaning that the best signal providers receive a significant side income if they gain a large following of traders.

Does ZuluTrade work?

Many people are interested in whether such social trading networks actually work. Well the answer to this question really depends on the choices you make work out. If you make well thought out choices and these performers continue to perform well then there is a good chance you will make some quite significant returns using the ZuluTrade platform. However, there is tendency for some signal providers performances to turn sour and thus lead to their followers losing money. I do believe it is possible to make some impressive returns with the ZuluTrade platform if your choices are made in a considered and thoughtful manner. In my experiment I managed to make a 9.6% return in the space of the month. Though as with all forms of financial trading their are significant risks involved.

How much expertise do you need for ZuluTrade? 

Many are attracted to social trading networks as they see it as a way to make money from trading without having to have in-depth knowledge regarding the subject. However, your going to need to know a little bit about what makes a good Forex system and what proper risk management involves in order to make proper decisions regarding which signal providers to follow and which signal providers to ignore. ZuluTrade does provide a ranking of the signal providers on their platform, however it often said that this ranking system isn’t particularly useful with it ranking some overly risking strategies towards the top of the list. This means that is strongly recommended that you do you own research before placing your hard earned cash with any highly rated signal provider.


ZuluTrade is not a guaranteed get rich scheme nor should it be viewed as a quick way to get rich from Forex. What ZuluTrade is, however is the biggest broker independent social trading network, which features a number of highly successful traders who you can follow. In conclusion I would say that ZuluTrade has great potential for those interested in making money from Forex trading, however as with all forms of trading their are significant risks which individuals should be aware of before they risk their hard earned cash.

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  1. I like Zulutrade. It takes some time to get familiair with it, but when you learn how to use it there is a good profit to be made. The chice of the traders you follow is very important. So is good risk management!

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