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ayondo is one of the less well known social trading platforms being much lower in profile than some of the other social trading networks such as eToro and ZuluTrade. However there is no good reason for this with ayondo offering a high quality social trading product, with an experienced team at the helm of the company.

ayondo operates in a similar manner to many of the other social trading platforms out there. With traders on the platform providing trading signals which can then in turn be followed by users of the platform. ayondo calls those who provide the signals ‘Traders’ and those who just copy the traders ‘Followers’. ayondo allows users to create a portfolio of other traders to copy, in a very similar way to how you build a portfolio of trading guru’s at eToro or how you would follow several signal providers at ZuluTrade. There are of course a number of risk management tools that can be implemented by traders using the platform in order to hopefully prevent any major blow ups.  For instance you can set maximum loss levels and are able to close any position opened by one of the traders you follow at any time. These measures should help minimize some of risks involved in social trading, however as with all trading their are still risks.

Traders are rewarded for providing signals to their followers. The level of compensation varies depending on the traders career status, one ayondo traders are sorted into five categories depending on their previous experience. Traders start out as being classified as a lowly ‘Street Trader’, provided traders put in significant performances they can see their status rise up to the ranks to be classified as of  ‘Institutional’ stature. The compensation traders receive is dependent on their status, with ‘Street Traders’ receiving $1 per Lot and ‘Institutional’ traders receiving $5 per Lot placed by the Traders followers. This is slightly lower than with some other social trading networks for instance ZuluTrade signal providers are rewarded with 0.5 pips per Lot straight of the bat, which is equivalent to $5 per Lot traded by followers.

ayondo, boasts an attractive platform with a number of highly successful traders featured on the platform. However, as the platform is considerably smaller than it’s rivals there isn’t quite the wide rang of followers to pick from. You can still find a number of highly profitable traders to follow at ayondo but your selection is more limited than with other social trading networks.  This may put off some from trying out the platform, however ayondo is pretty accessible requiring a minimum deposit of only 100 Euros. There is also the option to try out a no obligation demo account and for those interested in the product this might be worth doing.

Previously, ayondo was previously brokerage independent however this appears to have changed with UK based Gekko Global Markets operating as ayondo’s liquidity provider. Gekko Global Markets are a respected Spread betting and CFD firm providing a high quality of service to their customers meaning that those using ayondo should enjoy reasonable spreads and fast execution. Currently traders can only execute their trades through the ayondo markets website, however support for MetaTrader is being added which will surely be a boon and will open up the ayondo platform to those who engage in automatic trading.

Overall ayondo is a high quality social trading product which will certainly appeal to many who are interested in social trading. The major downside to ayondo at the moment is the limited range of traders to follow. This is quite likely to change after ayondo introduce MetaTrader support which is likely to attract more traders to provide signals for ayondo platform. I highly recommend that those who are interested in the offering from ayondo try out a demo account.

5 thoughts on “ayondo: A Review and Overview

  1. Ayondo hasn’t worked for me the platform lost me personally £70,000 of my own cash in a very short period of time. More details to folow

  2. This is my experience with the Ayondo platform which I found to be very dangerous system which all investors would do well to stay well clear of …

    No default balance protection in place amateur ‘’traders’’ must remember to place themselves which neutralises the ‘following a top trader experience’, very close monitoring is required.
    No protection against being ‘overgeared’
    Nothing to protect a client being ‘Netted’ long V short on the same instrument when following more than a single trader – the moment this happens the account has no portfolio context the client is in guaranteed loss territory the price goes up the client losses on the short the price goes down the client losses on the long.
    No protection against being ‘overtraded’, once overtrading starts guaranteed losses will mount on the account.
    Presentation of Top Traders profiles you can be down -£11k in unrealised losses from being exposed to a top trader yet that Top Traders performance graph is looking fantastic with an upward trend from the latest closed profitable executions -there’s no illustration of the depth of that traders unrealised loss exposure at any one time.
    Wipe Out’s occur on a daily basis.

  3. Hello Ed, I see from looking at Etoro V Ayondo reviews that Etoro has default safeties in place you can’t loose more then 50%, that’s £35k I would have been happier to have kept hold of if I’d gone with them instead of Ayondo! Ayondo you cannot interact with the traders so is it really ”Social” trading?

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