AAAFX Review
  • Instrument Variety
  • Leverage: (200:1)
  • Scalping: Allowed
  • Spreads: From 0.2p
  • Regulation: HCMC (Greece)
  • History: Clean
  • User Feedback

Bottom Line

AAAFX, owned by Zulutrade, is a reputable, Greek-registered, forex company, running since 2008. With tight spreads of 0.9 pips for institutional accounts, 1.9 pips for retail accounts, it offers better trading conditions than 90% of brokers. Beyond that the instrument variety is pretty good, and generally speaking clients are happy with this broker.

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Important Facts

  • Company: AAAFx is a Greek based Forex and Contract for Difference brokerage which is in turn a subsidiary of  ZuluTrade Inc.
  • Founded: AAAFx was founded in 2008, while parent company ZuluTrade was founded in 2006.
  • Payment Options: Debit and Credit Cards, Bank Wire and a selection of payment services including Moneybookers.
  • Platforms: MetaTrader 4 or ZuluTrade.
  • Accounts Available: In major currencies.
  • Minimum Deposit: $300.
  • Regulation: Regulated in Greece by the HCMC (MiFID Regulated)
  • Social Trading: ZuluTrade.
  • Support Options: Email, Live Chat and Phone.


The primary platform available at AAAFx is the ever popular ZTP (ZuluTradePlus). MetaTrader is also enabled. The MetaTrader platform developed by MetaQuotes is extremely popular among  Forex traders and is the platform of choice for many of those trading the foreign exchange markets. The AAAFx MetaTrader platform functions just as you would expect MetaTrader 4 to do and allows for the use of Expert Advisors. Apart from MT4 AAAFx doesn’t offer any other trading platforms with the exception of ZTP. This is largely due to the fact that AAAFx is operated by the owners of the ZuluTrade social trading platform, meaning that AAAFx has become the brokerage of choice for those wishing to trade via the ZuluTrade platform. Using AAAFx has a number of benefits, for instance is the brokerage is fully integrated with the ZuluTrade platform and thus you experience very limited slippage when following signal providers on the ZuluTrade platform. AAAFx also doesn’t charge any commission to traders who opt to use the ZuluTrade platform unlike a number of other brokerages.

Trading Conditions

  • Leverage: Flexible up to 1:200.
  • Scalping: Allowed.
  • Expert Advisors: Allowed.
  • Trailing Stops: Yes.
  • Spreads: Variable, 1.9 pips EUR/USD personal accounts, from 0.2 pips on Institutional accounts.
  • Minimum Pip Distance stop/limit orders: 4 pips.

Overall trading conditions with AAAFx are pretty good, a typical spread of 1.9 pips on all four major currency pairings is particularly good for a brokerage which offers fixed spreads. This means that AAAFx might make a good choice for those who engage in news trading or other event based trading strategies. Again 0.9 pip typical spread with an institutional account is really quite impressive and will again be useful for those engaging in news trading. MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisors are allowed and their appear to be few limitations on their use, however I haven’t personally been able to set up fixed stop losses or take profits. But this may just be due to the way that I have my Expert Advisor coded. I would have to say trading conditions at AAAFx are pretty favorable and while some brokerages offer significantly more leverage 1:200 should allow you to take on significant positions.


  • Number of currency pairings: 61 (including a number of exotic pairings and cryptocurrencies).
  • Other instruments: Indices, Precious metals and Commodities.

The range of currency pairings available on the AAAFx platform is particularly impressive and traders will be spoilt for choice. I can’t see any pairings that have been missed out and the vast majority of traders should be able to trade every currency pairing they desire at AAAFx. The non-Forex offering isn’t as impressive but AAAFx does offer a number of commodities and Indices to trade, which does bring some variation to the platform. It is unsurprising that the AAAFx offering is skewed towards Forex, as currently the ZuluTrade network only supports the social trading of currency pairings.

Customer Support

  • Contact Methods: Phone, Live Chat and Email.
  • Telephone Numbers: A decent range of international numbers.
  • Support Available In: Chinese, English, Greek, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

In my personal experience customer service at AAAFx has been pretty good. Customer support representatives are easy to get a hold of and do their best to resolve your problems. It’s nice that AAAFx also provide a number of international telephone numbers which means many traders will be able to get on the telephone and get into contact with the company without any great deal of difficulty. Support is available in a number of international languages which means those who do not have English as a first language should be able to get into contact with the brokerage without any major trouble.


  • Regulated: By the HCMC of Greece. 
  • MiFID Regulated: Yes
  • Can accept US traders: No.
  • Regulatory Record: Clear.

AAAFx is regulated by the HCMC of Greece which means that the brokerage is MiFID regulated. This ensures a minimum standard of financial regulation as set out by the European Union. This should give traders an extra level of reassurance. As far as I can tell AAAFx has totally clean regulatory record and this should reassure those who wish to deposit with them.

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AAAFx provides a pretty good offering and is the premier brokerage for those using the ZuluTrade platform. In addition to this many news and event traders may also be interested in using the brokerage due to the low fixed spreads the brokerage offers.

What did you think of our AAAFx review? If you have had experience with AAAFx or want to ask any questions please feel free to comment below.

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9 thoughts on “AAAFx Review

  1. I would personally be worried about depositing with AAAFx, with all the things going on in Greece at the minute. What are your thoughts on this? As they seem to provide by far the best integration with ZuluTrade. So am really not sure what to do.

  2. I want to trade with zulutrade, and I want to use monybooker and I’m confused with two broker supporting that FxOpen and AAAFx , my comparison is like that :
    Broker Commission + Slippage Deposit fee Withdraw fee
    FXOpen 1.7 pip ( 0.5+1.2) 1.25% + USD 0.22 1% (max $0.65)
    AAAFx 0.24 pip 2.95% + 0.25€ 25$

    like we see fxopen has low fees then AAFx but has more commission+ slippage pip ! what’s the optimal choice in this case ?

    1. Depends. I would personally try out both brokerages with a smaller deposit to see how they perform and then decide which one to use. AAAFx has the lowest amounts of slippage when it comes to ZuluTrade this is something widely agreed upon and the spreads aren’t too bad in my personal experience. There really quite a decent brokerage!

  3. Does anybody know if on the demo account expert advisor is working correctly or on real account will work the same way? I mean EA for scalping. Some brokers who I met on the demo all worked correctly and after I deposited money …. disaster. I would like to try scalping with AAAFx. For now, the demo looks very good but I am little scared to try in real life.

    1. Hi Piotrula.
      I haven’t heard anything about the Demo and Real accounts differing in regards to AAAFx, there are always slight differences between performance on Demo and Real accounts due to liquidity, slippage etc. But most people I have come across have been very satisfied by trading conditions at AAAFx. Out of interest which brokerages did you have trouble with?

  4. I have a negative experience with this ‘brokerage’ firm.
    If you lose money that all is OK – no requotes, all is going well. But when you starting to win, please prepare for the full arsenall of broker weapons – virtual dealer, server shut down even two times per day when we have maximum market activity…
    I have an LIVE account with them and earned 300% and started to receive server shut downs even twice a day and “all is fine with our servers” mails and no help with my issues.
    My nickname at forex factory is stormex. You can view my profile and their live linked account…
    Very bad broker. Very BAD!!!!

  5. AAAFX scam broker claim that its both aaafx and zulutrade binary platforms have same prices running on when actually aaafx everytime and time creates a gap to the worse on aaafx live accounts platform, to give its binary clients worse entry price while the expiry price ends the same as of zulu platform.

    After contacting aaafx about their SCAM, they reply by giving a screenshot from both platforms showing that prices are the same, aaafx are one of the most cruel brokers out there, aaafx play it as idiots, trying to decrease people awareness or mind cleverness by aaafx stupid ignorant replies.

    It is just as if telling them that the snow color is white and they reply sone dust is on it making it black, briefly aaafx play it stupid in any complaint case raised by its clients!!!
    Not to forget how aaafx and zulu create frozen priceson its platforms as shown in screenshots, clearly showing too fake charts of nonexistence curves but straight lines!!!

    Bear in mind with aaafx and zulu traders and investors hard earned money will evaporate due to technical errors created by aaafx and zulu that they both refuse to take responsibility of by refunding clients accounts, instead zulu and aaafx(both same company) give scam excuses to run away with clients money.

    I have many screenshots as PROOFS of AAAFX SCAM, unfortunately no option to upload files here.

    Stay Away from the SCAM AAAFX and ZULUTRADE

  6. I traded with them for 6 months, quite good execution and trading conditions, but there were some things, that make me change this broker: big negative slippages, rejects, sometimes even platform freezing. Now i’m trading with regulated ECN brokers and i forget about such problems. So never trade with market maker. If you want to choose a really good broker, add me in skype – (REMOVED), i will help you.

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