5. Trillion Dollar Bet 

This 48-minute television documentary focuses on the exploits of Long-Term Capital Management one of the most infamous hedge funds. Using leverage and various pricing models including the Black-Scholes-Merton, the fund enjoyed several years of impressive returns. In 1997 directors Myron Scholes and Robert Merton received the Nobel Prize in Economics. Three years later the fund collapsed during the 2000 Russian financial crisis. While the documentary is rather dry, it serves as a good warning to the dangers of leverage.

4. Floored 


This 2009 documentary focuses on the life’s of floor traders in Chicago. The CBOE is the largest U.S Options exchange and used to be dominated by floor traders, who often traded for themselves making and losing millions in the process. However in recent years electronic trading has come to dominate exchange volume. This has left many of the floor traders facing an uncertain future and the documentary does a good job of showing how advances in technology have impacted the financial markets. With electronic trading volumes continuing to increase, floor trading may be a thing of the past. The documentary is well worth a watch for anyone interested in the rise of electronic trading and the history of financial markets.

3.  Million Dollar Traders 

Million Dollar Traders Lex Van Dam

This television documentary focuses on Lex Van Dam’s attempt to take a group of trading novices and turn them into successful equity traders. Eventually this group of traders were to be trusted with a million dollars of Lex Van Dam’s own capital. An interesting and entertaining watch this documentary demonstrates just how hard it is to make money trading the financial markets.

2. Billion Dollar Day 

Billion Dollar Day

This 1985 documentary focuses on a day in the life of three currency traders based in London, Toyko, and New York. While times have changed since the original airing of this documentary, it does provide the viewer with an interesting insight into the workings of the Foreign exchange market. The documentary is definitely worth a watch if you’re interested in Foreign exchange trading and demonstrates how brutal the market can be.

1.  Trader – Paul Tudor Jones 

Trader Paul Tudor Jones

This documentary follows famous hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones back in the late 1980’s. Paul Tudor Jones has a rather unique personality and his bravado is partly what makes this documentary such an interesting watch. While the documentary lacks any real educational content, it’s a good watch and may provide traders with a bit of inspiration.

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