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The increasing popularity of social trading, has led to a number of new social networks being launched.  While the world of social trading is dominated by a number of big name brands, increasingly a number of smaller networks are being launched in an effort to compete with the major players. Today we are going to take a look at FX Copy, the social trading platform from Enfinium Pty Ltd who operate the Vantage FX and Enfinium brands.

How Does It Work?

Despite the fact that FX Copy is owned by Enfinium, the social trading network remains broker independent and free. This means that traders can chose from a range of supported MetaTrader 4 brokerages. The network does promote its own Vantage FX and Enifinium brokerages as platinium partners, but those using another brokerage won’t be at any disadvantage.

The platform allows its users to follow and Auto copy traders in real time. By following a trader those using the platform can see all the positions opened and closed by that particular trader. Auto Copying a trader will see that copied trader’s positions automatically copied into your brokerage account. As with other social trading networks users can set risk limits, in order to help limit some of the inherent risks involved with autocopying other traders. The platform features a range of statistics which can help you identify which traders are worth following or copying.

As with other trading networks those who choose to share their trades with others can receive a commission. Traders can earn $2 per standard lot when traders choose to automatically copy their positions. This rebate makes it attractive for successful traders to share their positions with the other users on the FX Copy platform.  It should be noted that some of FX Copy’s competitors offer a better level of rebate with ZuluTrade users being able to take advantage of 0.4 pip rebate (around $4) per lot. Still FX Copy offers traders a chance to earn a significant amount of money by simply sharing their trading strategies with others.  Currently only those with a Vantage FX or Enifinium account can be take part in the FX Copy leader program and earn therefore earn the rebates on offer. This means those who prefer to use other brokerages won’t be able to earn the rebates on offer when using the platform. This move by FX Copy has probably stunted the growth of the network, as it will have undoubtedly put some traders off.

Does It Work?

Looking through the traders using the FX Copy platform you will see a number of traders who have made very impressive returns. You are able to break down a trader’s performance into more detail and see how successful they have been over certain periods of time and how their performance varies between different currency pairings. However it is difficult to work out how risky a particular trader is, which does make it more difficult to work out whether a trader is worth following.

Taking a look around the platform it is clear that there are number of highly skilled traders using the platform, though the user base is relatively small compared with some of the other bigger social trading networks. This does limit your choice somewhat and does make it somewhat more difficult to find traders worth following. Whether the platform can grow a significant user base remains to be seen.


The FX Copy platform features an impressive user interface and supports a number of highly regarded retail brokerages. The platform also features a number of traders who have boasted some very impressive returns. There are two major drawbacks to the FX Copy platform as I see it. Firstly the network is rather small in comparison to some of the other social trading networks out there. The long term success of a social network depends heavily on having a large active user base and it remains to be seen whether FX Copy can build such a user base. Secondly, at the time of writing it was only possible for those using either Vantage FX or Enifinium to make money from the site’s trade leaders program.

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