The cTrader platform from Spotware is growing in popularity and a number of industry commentators have speculated that the platform might surpass Metaquotes MetaTrader platform in terms of popularity.  The hype around the cTrader platform is not without justification and the platform has been designed to meet the needs of both brokers and retail traders. Much has been made of the platforms support for automated trading, with cAlgo allowing traders to create programs which allow traders to automatically trade the markets. Today, we are going to take a look at the cTrader platform and compare it to other retail FX platforms currently available.

Platform Design 

The cTrader platform has an extremely sleek and streamlined design. It is arguably easier to navigate than MetaTrader platform and anyone who has used any of the popular retail trading platforms should be able to get to grips with the platform in no time. The charting space is large and clear allowing for easy interpretation of technical indicators and other charting tools. The platform features a very complete list of indicators and charting tools meaning that the platform is suitable for those using a wide range of trading strategies.


cAlgo allows traders to create robots and custom indicators, in a very similar way to how traders can program Expert Advisors using MetaTraders MetaQuotes Language. The cTrader platform supports the C# and .NET framework and it is possible to create robots and indicators using almost every imaginable reference point. Though some have criticised the flexibility of the coding language and feel that at the present time the MetaTrader platform provides better support for those looking to automatically trade the markets. This is not to say that the cAlgo product is inferior with it being possible to run comprehensive backtesting of trading robots created in the C# language. The fact that cTrader supports the C# language means that those who do not have programming abilities can hire from vast pool of talented C# programmers out there. There is also a cTraders Developer’s Network which provides support for those programming for the cTrader platform and in addition to this development network there is extensive support available on the cTDN forums. I know of a number of traders who have paid to have current existing MQL Expert Advisors converted into the C# to allow them to be used with cTrader.

Depth of Market Features  

One feature that sets the cTrader platform apart is the depth of market features that are built into the platform. The cTrader platform is the first retail FX platform to feature three types of Depth of Mark information. The standard depth of Market feature allows traders to see aggregated quotes from the brokerages liquidity providers helping traders get to grips with market dynamics. The price depth of market feature works as an executable ladder system perfect for both precision entry and for those use scalping strategies. Finally, the VWAP Depth of Market feature allows traders to set different trading volumes in order to see the expected VWAP as well as the expected spread, this feature is targeted at those who trade larger volumes. The impressive depth of market features are a real selling point of the cTrader platform and will certainly appeal to many traders.

Web and Mobile Support

The platform has been designed with the rise of mobile and tablet trading in mind, this means that there are versions of the platform available for both Android and iOS devices. The Mobile and Tablet versions of the platform are pretty impressive featuring much of the functionality included in the Desktop/Laptop version. In addition to mobile support there is a web based version of the platform again which compares very favourably too much of the competition. All in all cTrader provides great support for those wishing to trade from a range of a different operating devices and has certainly provided great support for those wishing to trade from smartphones and tablets.


Currently there are a number of brokerages which offer the cTrader platform to clients including big names such as FxPro, LiquidMarkets and Pepperstone. While the range of brokerages that offer the cTrader platform is not huge an ever increasing number of brokerages are offering the cTrader platform to their clients and I imagine this trend will continue.

Concluding Thoughts

The cTrader platform from Spotware is the first retail Forex platform to seriously challenge the dominance of the MetaTrader 4 & 5 platforms. The Depth of Market features built into the platform are very impressive and will appeal to many traders. The cAlgo functionality allows for traders and programmers to create both robots and custom indicators. Traditionally MetaTrader 4 and 5 have been favoured by those who want to automatically trade the Forex markets and already have established communities who dedicate their time to creating Expert Advisors for the platform. While cTrader doesn’t currently have such a community an increasing number of traders are favouring the cTrader platform for the automated trading needs. As the community continues to grow I can see cTrader becoming a serious competitor to MetaTrader.

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