The Sirix Trader platform from Leverate is widely available as a browser based platform, but versions of the platform exist for both mobile and tablet devices. The Sirix platform has begun to gain some traction among retail Forex brokerages with a number of big name brokerages offering the platform to their customers. The platform comes from reputable technology and turnkey solution provider Leverate and is likely to be around for some time to come.

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Sirix WebTrader 


The Sirix WebTrader platform is offered by a growing number of brokerages with brokerages using the turnkey solution from Sirix all offering the platform. The platform is coded in HTML 5.0 and works in the vast majority of web browsers. After playing around with the platform for a while I have to say that the platform is very easy to use and navigate. It is easy to navigate through all the instruments available to trade on the platform through the console on the left hand side of the screen. The platform has clearly been designed with newer traders in mind and is very easy to use. Adding indicators to the charts on the platform only takes a couple of clicks and shouldn’t faze anyone. It is also possible to add a number of charting studies including Fibonacci extensions and projections, which may appeal to those who are interested in charting methods. Unfortunately Gann studies appear to be missing which may put some people off.

The platform also has social trading functionality built in, which allows you to see what other traders using the platform are doing. While it is nice to have this kind of functionality built in, the platforms support for social trading is rather superficial and in-depth analysis of other traders performance is more difficult to do. What I did really like was the inbuilt news feed which is continuously updated with the latest relevant news items this makes it very easy to keep up with all the important developing news stories.

Sirix charting

The charting area is quite small, but it possible to expand the charting area to cover the full browser window, this however makes it impossible to see the live streaming quotes and the social feed. Overall the platform is very useable and will certainly appeal to those who are newer to trading, however it doesn’t have some of the advanced functionality that the MetaTrader and cTrader platform have. The platform will be most popular with newer traders and those hoping to take advantage of the social trading functionality.

Sirix Tablet & Mobile Platforms

Sirix is available for both mobile and tablet devices. Due to the fact that the platform is based on HTML 5, the tablet and mobile version is available for all Android, Apple and HTML 5 compatible devices. This wide ranging support will surely go down well with those who want to trade on the move from a range of different devices.

Obviously the Tablet and Mobile versions of the platform provide a slightly more condensed version of the platform. Though charting is superior on the tablet to due to users being able to use the full size of the tablet screen to really interact with the charting features.  Overall I would have to say that the Tablet and Mobile versions of the platform perform very favourably when compared to other mobile platforms currently on the market. I personally feel that the Sirix Tablet and Mobile platforms are both viable options for those looking to trade on the move.


Leverate has done a good job at making a very user friendly platform with inbuilt social trading and news functionality. The platform is super easy to use and will certainly appeal to newer traders, however the platform doesn’t boast some of the advanced functionality found on other trading platforms.  The mobile and tablet platforms are pretty impressive with HTML 5.0 making the platform compatible with a huge range of devices. A number of well known brokerages including Saxo MT4, and FXCC are already offering the platform. Those interested in the platform can try it out at Sirix’s website.

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