Darwinex Review
  • Type: STP
  • Spreads: Fix Commissions Instead
  • Regulation: FCA
  • Reputation: Great
  • Special Features: Manage Investments + More


A unique STP provider with no mark-ups/ spreads but instead fixed commissions for every $100,000 traded. Reliable forex broker, with good reputation in the industry.

Beyond that, there are special perks for traders their algorithm deem as “investing worthy”; These people can receive investment fund from the regulated asset management company owned by Darwinex, which is a very interesting set-up.

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Darwinex, does not provide social trading in the standard sense of the word but rather offers traders an opportunity to earn extra income from their trading abilities as well as giving them a range of tools to help improve their trading capabilities. Once Darwinex believe that a trader is considered investable the trader may receive investment from the companies FCA regulated asset manager, allowing them to earn extra income through revenues brought in from managing investors money. Additionally, Darwinex operates as a STP brokerage which means that it is truly a unique offering with their being no competitors offering a similar total package.

Tools To Improve Trading Skills

Just like the companies predecessor TradeSlide, one of the most interesting and potentially helpful features of the Darwinex platform is the ability to evaluate ones trading performance using the proprietary algorithm developed by the company. This allows you to pinpoint, how you could improve as a trading providing you with ratings and details of how you weigh up as a trader. This can provide those newer trading with some valuable advice which can help take their trading to the next level, while more experienced traders will be able to work out how to make their trading strategies more attractive to potential investors. These analytic tools are available to those who hold trading accounts with the brokerage and those who connect their MT4 or cTrader accounts to the service. This means that those who are using other brokerages can still use the analytical tools in order to work out how they could improve their trading.

STP Execution & Competitive Spreads

Darwinex holds a full of FCA brokerage licence, with the firm using a pure STP model meaning that client orders are simply passed onto the firms liquidity providers. The firm doesn’t mark up spreads opting instead to charge traders a fixed amount of commission on each 100K traded. It has to be said that the average spreads offered by the brokerage are extremely competitive and mean that Darwinex would be a good option for traders looking for FCA regulated STP brokerage, without taking into account the additional features offered by the brokerage. The brokerage has also made execution a priority operating Equinix servers in both New York and London ensuring that clients get fast and reliable execution.

Darwina Trading Contest

As previously mentioned, the brokerage offers those trading with the firm the opportunity to take on Investor capital should they be deemed to have reached investable status. The firm’s FCA regulated asset manager chooses those traders/trading strategies which demonstrate that they are investable, allowing those trading with the brokerage to increase their earnings through trading investors funds. This allows traders to significantly leverage their trading skill and gives those who demonstrate themselves to be skilled traders the potential to significantly supplement their trading income. Those who do not trade with the brokerage are still able to partake in the Darwina Trading Contest, allowing them to see how they compare to other traders. But they wont be able earn revenues and will not have access to some of the advanced functionality that those with Darwinex trading accounts will have.


Darwinex is FX brokerage with a difference. The brokerage not only offers highly competitive spreads and execution, but also boasts impressive tools which have the potential to help traders significantly improve their trading abilities. In addition, the Darwina Trading challenge gives traders the ability to trade on the behalf of investors allowing them to gain extra revenue from their trading activity. Darwinex is certainly worth checking out, whether you are looking for a quality STP Brokerage or if you simply want to see whether you have what it takes to trade on behalf of others.

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