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An announcement made on CySEC’s official website has confirmed that WGM Services Ltd has regained their CIF License. WGM Services Ltd, is best known for operating the relatively high profile Binary Options brand EZTrader. The company also operates a number of less well known brands including EZInvest, GlobalOption.com and 888Binary.com which specifically targets the Chinese market. The decision to restore EZTrader’s CySEC license was made during the regulators meeting on the 22nd of December.

The decision highlighted the fact that the broker was now in fully compliant with CIF (Cypriot Investment Firm) regulations. In an announcement made on the 20th of November 2014, the regulator had announced that WGM Services license had been suspended, due suspected breaches violations of Cypriot security laws. The three alleged violations were in regard the safeguarding of client funds, the capital adequacy of the firm and the CIF’s large exposure. No specifics were given regarding the withdrawal of the license and meant that the firm could not provide any investment services as pursuant to Cypriot Securities Law and was forced to close all client positions and return all profits/funds if the client wished. At the time the Binary Options brokerage was given 15 days to comply with the decision.

After a due diligence procedure was completed by WSM Services Ltd, the concerns originally raised by CySEC were fully addressed leading to the company regaining it’s CIF License. This meant the brands run by WSM Services could resume providing investment services as pursuant to the country’s securities law.

CySEC and Binary Options

Cypriot regulator CySEC made waves when in YEAR, it became the first European regulator to regulate non-exchange traded Binary Options as financial products. This has led to the island becoming a hub for Binary Options brokerages who wish to gain a regulatory license which adds credibility to their brand(s) and allows them to offer their services to those residing within the European Economic Area. This is due to the fact that European law allows for investment services firms regulated in one European Economic Area jurisdiction to offer their services to those based anywhere else within the economic area.

CySEC has recieved a fair bit of critcism for it’s decision to regulate Binary Options, as a financial product with many seeing the product more akin to fixed odds betting. In fact in a number of jurisdictions around the world, Binary Options are seen as a form of gambling and are regulated accordingly. Other European regulators have been slow to follow CySEC’s president regarding Binary Options, with only Malta’s MSFA following suit. Cyprus still however remains the number one destination for Binary Option companies looking to gain regulatory approval and the extra credibility which comes with it.

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