• Instrument Variety
  • Leverage: (300:1)
  • Scalping: Allowed
  • Spreads: 2.0 pips
  • History: CySEC Fine
  • Trading Platform Variety

Bottom Line Review’s conclusion is that the company is operating since 2006 with great customer feedback and rock-solid systems. Scalping is allowed, leverage of certain instruments is up to 1:300, and the margins are excellent for a broker at this size. Variety of over 50 currency pairs, as well as indices, stocks, bonds and commodities. Trade on MT4 and an HTML5-Mobile-Friendly proprietary platform. Streamlined and easy registration process.

To Summarize: The smoothest experience on the market right now! is an excellent choice for both novice and advanced traders.

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Basic Facts about

  • About the Company: is the primary brand of SafeCap Investments Ltd. a Cypriot company which runs a number of retail Forex brokerages.
  • Founded: 2008.
  • Payment Options: Credit/Debit Cards, and Wire Transfer.
  • Platforms: MetaTrader and Markets WebTrader
  • Accounts Available in: EUR, GBP, SEK, NOK, DKK, PLN and USD.
  • Minimum Deposit: $100.
  • Regulation: SafeCap Investments is regulated by CySEC (MiFID regulated).
  • Support Options: Live Chat and Email.

Platform(s) Offered offers there clients a range of different platforms to trade with. Likely to be the most popular among serious traders is the very powerful MetaTrader 4 platform which allows traders to undertake various forms of technical analysis, as well as automatically trading the market through the use of Expert Advisors. This is not the only platform available for clients of, with the proprietary HTML5 MarketsWebtrade also being on offer. . It is also possible to trade on the move with the mobile platform, developed using HTML 5 the platform can be accessed by anyone using a mobile device. As mobile trading platforms go the offering is pretty impressive and will be of interest to those who are keen to manage positions on the move.

Trading Conditions

  • Leverage: Up t0 1:300 on all.
  • Scalping: Allowed.
  • Expert Advisors: Allowed.
  • Hedging: Allowed.
  • Trailing Stops: No Longer Offered.
  • Spreads: Variable or Fixed Spread Accounts available. EUR/USD variable target 2.2 pips. EUR/USD fixed 3 pips.

Trading conditions at are pretty reasonable. The use of Expert Advisors is allowed but there are certain limitations on how close stop losses can be placed to a newly opened position. Other than this very little limitations are placed on the use of Expert Advisors at The leverage on offer is pretty decent with offering leverage of 1:300 on all instruments available on the platform. While other regulated brokerages do offer a higher amounts of leverage, the leverage on offer at should be more than enough for the average trader.  The fixed spreads again are similar to those on offer at other brokerages offering fixed spread trading and making a decision regarding whether to use fixed or variable spreads is likely to come down to what trading style you adopt.

Instruments offered by

  • Number of Currency Pairings: 50 (including a number of exotic pairings). 
  • Other Instruments: Precious Metals, Stocks, Commodities and Bonds. has a very good range of currency pairings available to trade and the vast majority of traders should be able to trade every instrument they desire. Where is particularly stands out is in the range of other instruments offered on the platform, with traders having the ability to trade a range of Commodities, Stocks, Bonds and Indices. This impressive range of CFD’s will certainly attract people who are not solely interested in Forex trading and offers up a number of interesting trading opportunities. The ability to trade more than just Forex is something that should be commended and the offering of non-forex instruments at is pretty impressive.

Customer Support

  • Contact Methods:Email and Live chat. 
  • Telephone Numbers: Wide range of international numbers. (Phone support discontinued 2017)
  • Supported Languages: Arabic,Dutch, English, French, German, and Italian.

Customer Support at is pretty decent and I have never personally had any trouble with customer support. The staff is helpful and nice.


  • Regulated: By CySEC of Cyprus and the FSB grant the broker a license to passport its activities throughout Europe. 
  • Fined by CySEC in 2016.
  • MiFID Regulated: Yes, can accept clients from throughout the European Union.
  • Can Accept US Traders: No.
  • Regulatory Record: Without a blemish.


Those interested in finding a brokerage that offers both Forex and a range of other instruments may well be very interested in trading with Nothing says reputation, trust and regulation more than this brand, that even though it offers fairly standard trading conditions, the fact everything runs the way it supposed to, A to Z, make it superb.

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Tell us what you think of our Review, if you have had any experiences positive or otherwise we would love to hear from you in the comments.

Please note:  There are a lot of discussion here on the review’s comment section from back in 2013-2014 discussing’s unfavorable spreads. Back in those days, was not one of the recommend brokers on review was updated in 2016, 2017 and eventually in 2018 to reflect their new much-better systems and trading conditions. The spreads which were unacceptable by many of our readers back then have improved and we recommend you to give it a try.

19 thoughts on “ Review

  1. I traded with for a while but I decided to shut up my account. Only because the spreads on offer weren’t that competitive. I have moved to another brokerage that I feel offers me a better deal.

    1. Hey: I absolutely agree with you. This broker has ridiculously expensive spreads, they are “criminally” high, so to speak. Besides that, their customer support is subpar, just to say the least. The ducation that they offer inside their website is nothing special. It’s only general information available for free on other sites too.

      I really don’t understand why some websites talk about this broker as if it were a superb one, when that is definitely not the case.

      Well, that’s my honest opinion.


      1. The reason why the reviews are generally so glowing is mainly down to the fact the brokerage has a large and lucrative affiliate program. The spreads are wide, particularly as brokers are increasingly moving to STP/ECN models which mean spreads are being pushed downwards. But they aren’t the worst broker and their spreads aren’t as wide as with some other brokers.

        Who are you personally trading with at the moment? Would be curious to know and hear your opinion.

        1. Hey:

          Sorry for not putting my name in my first post, I’m David.

          Well…I started trading with a broker called “GKFX” (Global Kapital Forex).

          Although it’s just an average broker, in terms of support and platform reliability, their spreads are way less than’s spreads. Just to give you an example, regarding pairs of currencies, they offer a spread for the EUR/USD at 1.5 pips (even though I’ve seen other brokers with even smaller spreads for such pair). And this is half the cost compared to, whose spread for the EUR/USD is 3 pips. I’ve made my due dilligence and, if it’s not the most expensive one, at least, it’s ONE of the most expensive ones in terms of spreads.

          And my example lines above was with one of the most liquid pairs in the Forex Market. If we were talking about other pairs of currencies, well…their spreads would be “stratospherically” expensive, so to speak.

          But not only is the matter about their spreads (even though it’s an important point, in my opinion), it’s an overall issue about this broker. Their support is terrible, to say the least.
          Their account managers, who are assigned to any new client, seem to be more worried about the amount of money that you are going to deposit, instead of performing their role as an advisor, which means, pointing you in the right direction regarding your trades.

          At least, that’s my honest opinion.

          Best regards!

          1. Thanks for your honest opinion and they are always welcome at this site. I suppose would counter your points about their spread by saying they offer a Fixed 3 pip Spread on the EUR/USD which may appeal to some traders. They have also begun to offer variable Spread accounts where the spreads are tighter under normal market conditions. I would say that retail brokers are getting more and more competitive when it comes to spreads and it will be interesting to see whether will lose out due to this.

          2. Hi all!

            Yep, same here. I closed my account at as well. And for the same reason….”acceptable” spreads…but acceptable for them, not for us.

            First I thought; well, if that is the company policy…take it or leave it. I get that. One always should do one’s due diligence.
            But as a novice trader, I ran from Admiral Markets towards due to some issues with MT4 and candles on lower timeframes.

            Why Markets? Influenced by the marketing strategy around the webinars of one of the “experts” we follow (my other half and myself) . Saying to each other: “Well baby, if David (the”expert”) works together with them….they can’t be bad, right? And we have to find a broker soon etc etc.”

            Two things I learned from this. Due diligence and due diligence! No matter how long it takes, take your time till you have enough info to make a proper opinion….and you’ll still have doubts….but listen to yourself and only yourself! Take all the advise in from others and what you find on the net, but filter it until you feel more or less comfortable. Anyway, I’m not posting this to teach (wooha, that would be a joke), only sharing. Because traders are awesome!

            So, moving away from low super low spreads and technical issues, to laughable spreads and no technical issues. Until now at least. I only opened my account a month ago, so it’s a bit short perhaps. But nevertheless, since a month I barely have been able to make some pips! Or I didn’t enter because it wasn’t worth it, or my trade never closed although price had touched take profit. You all know how frustrating that is, right!!!!

            My advisor at Markets is really nice and fun. But nice and fun don’t bring bread to the table. Apart from criticizing my trades, telling me to invest in GBPUSD and USDCHF only and sending me a few emails with “analysis”, I never felt supported nor informed. But I guess they sure make an effort for a 100K-account. I only have 1K. Poor me.

            Also, it’s like David said about investing more money. When I asked about the spreads, he mumbled I had to invest more, more couldn’t tell me how much (?). And he’d had to talk to his manager about the spreads (?)…..oink! I nearly fell from my chair! I thought he was kidding….but the only one that was kidding was me, it seemed.
            Again, very friendly he sent me on my way to their webpage with “variable” spreads. I know it’s not his fault or decision, but then I felt that Markets had done a prison-bitch move on me. (I leave it to your imagination)
            Those variable spreads are barely different from the fixed ones.

            I’ve should have known from the beginning. When on the phone for the first time with my “advisor”, I heard in the background cheering and clapping. I asked him if someone just closed a big client. No, he says….”One of the guys just did a big deal”. Me thinking now…..”ow nice, good advisors and happy clients over there”. Again…wooha! Until I learned more about broker’s dealing desks and counter-trading etc. That made me so pissed! But pissed at myself. There will be always sharks out there. If they want to operate that way…fine, but that’s not my thing. It’s up to ourselves to find the broker suited best to our needs. But it takes time and patience.

            I’m still on the search for another House Of Comfort. I’m looking nowadays for ECN-brokers. If not, at least STP. But certainly never again with a dealing desk.
            I’m hanging between a few but still need more info. Perhaps I’ll go back to Admiral Markets. They really have low spreads. I’m not affiliated with them! But honest is honest. I have never seen a spread higher than 15 pips for a few seconds. A few seconds, because of the floating spreads.
            Every time I saw a high spread….I waited a bit till it came down about 8-10 pips. And if it didn’t, I left it and looked at another pair. They have enough pairs to choose from with supa-cool spreads.

            And I only traded the standard account. If I would go back I’d go for the Pro-account with even lower spreads. If not FinFX…or Exness…or whatever.

            Conclusion (subjective): Markets is suited for long term trading with a higher amount of pips, not for intraday or shorter.

            Happy trading!


  2. Hey: I agree with the comment líneas above: This broker ( is a complete, outright and bold-faced garbage. I really don’t understand why many people endorse this crap called They must be banned by the supposed authorities which regulate them as a broker.

    It’s really a shame having to deal with this kind of rubbish company. This rubbish company it’s really a mess. I’m going to file a complaint against them in the Cysec (that Cyprus entity that supposedly regulates this crappy broker)

    Well, this is my honest opinion.


    1. Hi Arthur, I thought my review of was fair and didn’t make the firm out to be the best brokerage in the world. Can you outline what your experiences with the brokerage were? If you could do this I could amend the review to reflect the concerns and issues that some people have about the services offered by this brokerage.

      If you feel you have been wronged by the brokerage, reporting them to CySEC is a good step to take. You could also try visiting FPA or other forums which help traders resolve issues that they have with Forex brokerages. As you may find that CySEC takes a long time to act and will be unable to get you any form of monetary compensation.

  3. I just wanted to let you know that Safecap Investments, Ltd. accepts funds stolen from Bank of America credit cards. My card had many attempts and three actual transactions that sent funds stolen from me to this investment company. Someone needs to look into this further.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Unfortunately many companies accept stolen credit cards, but hopefully you have managed to recover your funds. It should be in interest to prevent these things happening as increased rates of fraud paybacks can increase the rate that card processor charges companies.

  4. There server is really bad no matter if you try mobile or desktop app. Have been trying to login to my account for 3 hours and no such luck. When i want to login to deposit funds so they don’t drain my account it’s funny how you cant login this is the second time they have done this, they ate well behind on there market timing aswell. I bet my account has been drained by them yet again before there crap service, crap server, crap customer services and crap slow arse technology will let me in again. With the amount of problems they have the percentage is very high for them fixing things to take your money so don’t bother they are con artists with shit slow technology

    1. Please do update us on the situation and how it worked out for you. We will consider this when next amending their review.

  5. I read all features and it seems that this broker is more like another one Cyprus market maker. A lot of bonuses and poor trading conditions will not let you to succeed. I advise you to look for FCA-licensed and true STP broker without bonuses, fixed spreads, binaries and so on. If you don’t know what broker to choose, add me to skype –

    1. Stop advertising your Skype or I will block you from the site. You can voice your opinion as much as you want on or any other featured broker but stop inviting people to your Skype to persuade them to use some other brokers you are working with.

  6. There are a lot of discussion here on the site from back in 2013-2014 discussing’s unfavorable spreads. Back in those days, was not one of the recommend brokers on review was updated in 2016, 2017 and eventually in 2018 to reflect their new much-better systems and trading conditions. The spreads which were unacceptable by many of our readers back then have improved and we recommend you to give it a try.

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